Dashfly – a tool for tracking mileage

As Realtors®, we spend an enormous amount of time in our cars. We probably spend a lot more on gas than the average person, too. And, handy for us, we can write off a lot of that mileage on our taxes as a business expense.

Today’s web 2.0 wrap-up is from an ActiveRain post, Route All Your Stops and Keep Track of your Mileage for 2010. The tool mentioned is Dashfly, an online tool that can help you optimize and find the quickest route, find the cheapest gas in your area, and track and report mileage to the IRS.

Looks like a it has a lot of potential for real estate agents, especially with the ability to track mileage and create IRS reports quickly. They offer free and paid services, so check them out.

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  1. Wenda Rogers Says:

    Wow Rich,
    Another great tool that I use, I met these people at NAR in Orlando last year also. This has many uses for real estate, in addition to what you mentioned, I will often create maps and routes for my clients when they are going to be spending time with buyers showing homes. I create a copy for the agent and a copy for the buyer client and include distances to certain area amenities if there are any. For instance, I will show how far it is to the local hospital from each of the homes they will be going out to view. I also include an area next to each home for the buyer to write notes about the home. This is another one that can be used many ways. I met so many tech savvy vendors at the convention; I couldn’t wait to implement them into my clients existing action plans as soon as I got home, love real estate technology!

  2. Rich Rogala Says:

    I really like the different ways you use this service. Great way to add an extra service for your client in them being able to hand their clients a map with area amenities, and for the buyer to take notes. Thanks for sharing!

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