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Another post in our Social Media Case Study Series – How Email, Blogging and Social Media can go hand-in-hand.

Most Realtors® have understood the social aspect of their business long before social media gained popularity. However, I’ve seen a lot of agents struggle with translating the in-person networking that was such a standard in the industry into an effective social media marketing plan.

There’s a great post on how one company, Resmark Systems, is integrating their email, blog and social media into a very effective marketing campaign, complete with a personal touch. You can read the full post at
The 3 Amigos: Email, Blogging, Social Sharing

Their strategy could be fairly easily applied to real estate – buying a home is a highly personal and important event, much like a long-awaited family vacation. The key to social media success is not to try and sell people directly on your services. But many business owners don’t understand how friendly conversations on sites like Facebook and Twitter will translate into business or sales. The key is to find a way to engage with your past and potential clients by giving them an “experience”!

While Resmark Systems is using a software system that might be overwhelming for the average Realtor® to implement for themselves, think about ways that you could create an experience for past clients on your social media sites. You could create a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to new home owners in your city, and encourage them announce their move there, share photos, etc. Or start a signature photo series where you take a special photo of them in their new home, upload it to Flickr and Facebook, create a custom email announcement to send to them, and encourage them to share with family and friends there.

The key here is not to create a ton of new to-do’s for yourself, but to really think through your unique angle for clients, and then implement a few applications or tools in social media and your email database to implement them easily.

What special experience could you offer clients, that they would be proud to share with friends and family?

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