Weekend Web 2.0 Wrap-up: 10 Things to do with your Feed Footer

Today’s Web 2.0 Wrap-Up comes from Traffikd, with a post on 10 Things to Do with your Feed Footer.  He’s got some really good ideas on ways to extend your reach just through your blog’s RSS Feed.

Some of the ones that would work for real estate agents are

#3 – Cross Promote Your Other Blogs (or your website): This let’s you direct people to other spots on the web where they can find the valuable information you provide. Sometimes, there’s so much info on a blog page that people may miss a link back to your static site, or to another blog you write. Your Feed Footer lets you put this info in a spot where it will be much easier to see.

#4 – Give Something Away to Your Subscribers: There are lots of different things you could give away in your Feed Footer. We talked about a few in the post Should You Be Collecting Email Leads?

and #6 – Point Out Popular Posts: Again, this lets you direct visitors to info they might otherwise miss. This works well if you have an older post that has proven to be timeless, and very popular with visitors. If they haven’t been a subscriber very long, they may never have seen it.

Now, real estate bloggers may not get as many RSS subscriptions as the average blogger, due to the fact that people aren’t really looking for a long-term blog to read as much as they are looking for the current, helpful info they need in their real estate transaction. But I think that these are steps you should think about taking, even for the few RSS subscribers you might have. It gives them an extra “in” to the value that you offer.

Last but not least, even if you don’t feel the need to add any of the above items to your Feed Footer, I strongly recommend #1 – Add a Copyright and Link to Yourself. Feeds get scraped all the time, and you want to at least protect yourself by having your name as the original author if it does get scraped.

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