Weekend Web 2.0 Wrap-Up for 8/31

Our Web 2.0 Wrap-Up for today is on ways to extend your blogs reach. It continues on the theme from our last Wrap-Up, using creative ways to connect with your clients’ directly through blogging.

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There’s a great post at Traffikd on 7 ways to extend your blog. If you’re in an area with several real estate bloggers, or just a multitude of other real estate sites, it can be hard to stand out as a real estate blogger. They offer suggestions on making your blog more unique and useful, and become a resource for your community.

While their blog mentions a lot of ideas for web and graphic design blogs, the principles can still be applied towards real estate blogs.

Do you get a lot of relocation clients? Consider a local job area for their spouse.

See mainly first-time buyers? An area on budgeting, or decorating for cheap, or affordable contractors.

Work with a lot of retired couples? Come up with an Q & A with a local investment broker on managing finances after retirement, or a travel agent on planning for extended trips, etc.

Or, if you’re more politically minded, start a discussion area on local politicians, events, elections, etc.

There are many ways to move beyond just the run-of-the-mill blogger, and stand out in your area, no matter how competitive. I’d love to hear ideas from you!

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