Weekend Web 2.0 Wrap-up for May 18, 2008

Since I’ve been on the topic of blogging lately, I thought today’s web 2.0 post on blogging would fit nicely. Blogging is a perfect example of Web 2.0. It prioritizes interaction between you and your readers. You have the ability to find out what matters most to your clients, and provide it to them.

As more and more people get hooked on blogging, both reading and writing, I believe there will begin to be a standard in the way blogs look and feel. They’re already beginning to replace static websites for some companies (and agents) and with this shift will also come a shift in acceptable blog design.

A great post that delves into blog design is by Chris Brogan, who blogs about community and social media. While it isn’t specific to real estate, it should really get you thinking about what your blogs purpose is, and whether your current design is achieving that purpose.

Who are your readers? Are you engaging them and encouraging them to interact with you? What is the next step you want them to take, and are they taking it? Web 2.0 is client interaction at it’s finest, but only if it works!

So take a few moments after you read Chris’ post to set your goals in concrete, and make sure your blog fits in.

Rich Rogala

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  1. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Says:

    I agree with Chris that knowing who you’re marketing to saves costs, frustrations, and time. As a copywriter, researching my potential clients is where I spend the lion’s share of my time.

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